Terms & Conditions

You own the NFT. Each Stacks Parrot is an NFT on the Stacks blockchain. When you purchase an NFT, you own the underlying Stacks Parrot, the art, completely. Ownership of the NFT is mediated entirely by the Smart Contract and the Stacks Network: at no point may we seize, freeze, or otherwise modify the ownership of any Stacks Parrot. Stacks Parrots grants you an unlimited, worldwide ability to use, copy, and display the purchased parrot-pass, stacks-parrots, stacks-parrots-3d, macaws, and stacks-parrots-collab-drops Art. Stacks Parrots also grants the ability to create derivative works based upon any of the aforementioned collections for “Commercial Use”.

I have created or commissioned derivative art of my Parrots NFT. What happens when I sell it?

Everything created around your Parrot (from any of our collections) during your ownership of the NFT does not transfer when you sell it or give it away. The derivative works remain in their current owners' possession.

I have used my Parrot (from any of our collections) to create a brand of t-shirts. I produced 500 of them, sold 200, and have 300 left in stock. Can I still sell them after I sold my Parrot?

Yes, you can still sell your remaining t-shirts. Basically, everything created and every rights granted during your ownership will remain valid after the transfer of the NFT to a new owner.

I have authorized a third party to use my Parrot (from any of our collections) as the logo of their brand. Can they still use it if I give away my Parrot to a new owner?

Yes, they can.

Are the rights transferred if I give away the Stacks Parrot (from any of our collections) for free or trade it?

Yes they are transferred as they are linked to the NFT itself, not the way its ownership is changed.

I'm thinking of acquiring a Parrot (from any of our collections). Is there a way for me to know how its IP has been used in the past?

Unfortunately, not. You'll have to do your own research, ask the current owner about it if they are available. Each Stacks Parrot comes with a unique past and there's no way around it!

Can I use the name Stacks Parrots along with the art of my NFT for commercial purposes?

No, you only own the rights to your specific Parrot/s (from any of our collections), not to the brand and its name. This is to avoid people mistaking brands built around a specific Parrot for an official Parrots project initiative.

I own a Parrot, can I use the The Pandemonium branding, logos, icon, etc?

No, only the The Pandemonium project can use those. Again, to avoid confusion between the official The Pandemonium projects/brands. You can use the image associated with the NFT/s you own.

Someone used my Parrot/s (from any of our collections) without my approval. What can I do?

You should start by reaching out to the entity doing it to ask them to stop. Then move on to enforcement notices and have them written by a lawyer.